Web widget installation guide

This document lists the steps that help users to install the web widget on a website.


At least one Jira site is successfully connected. It means the connected site is in the GREEN state as shown in the below image.

Site connected successfully

Site not connected successfully



Sign in to the Redpen app.


Go to Settings → Web Widget


Select Jira site and project to get the script

a. Select Jira site (Note: Sites that are successfully connected will only be available)

b. Select project


Copy script

a. Copy the script code to the clipboard


Add allowed website URL(s)

a. To allow the web widget to work on your website, add the website URL(s) (Note: at least 1 website URL is required, maximum 3 is allowed)


Insert the copied script code to the website where you want to use the web widget

a. Share the script code with your website developer so that he/she can add the script code to the website.

b. The web developer should insert the script code to every page of the website just before the </body> tag.


As shown below you will see the Redpen web widget button at the right-center corner of the website once the script code loads successfully.


All Done - You are set for take a feedbacks of your website.