Enable your customers and development teams to interactively capture and file actionable support requests and bugs in 60 seconds!​

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Increase customer satisfaction

Increase customer satisfaction​

Reduce customer churn

Reduce customer

Reduce customer support cost

Reduce customer
support cost​

Embed Redpen Capture Widget into your website for interactive issue reporting​

Users can submit actionable issues in less than 60 seconds!

Paste just a few lines of code into your website.

Estimated time: 5 min

Users can interactively explain the issue with ​

screen recording and voice comments​

annotated screenshots

No more ambiguous lengthy textual repro steps resulting in expensive back-and-forth communication.

Actionable Issues

Context info required to understand the issue and fix it faster are automatically captured​
No more back-and-forth communication for information

Start filing smart and actionable bugs!​

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Customer Support​

Users can create actionable tickets interactively resulting in faster turnaround of issues and higher customer satisfaction.​

Receive More Feedbacks and Support Requests​

No more back-and-forth communication ​

Faster fixes and turnaround of customer issues​

Reduced support and development costs​

Higher customer satisfaction and retention​

UAT and Beta Testing​

Achieve Customer-Driven Product Development. Enable Beta and UAT users to quickly submit their feedback and bugs. ​

Receive More Feedbacks and Bugs​

No more back-and-forth communication ​

Build product based on customer requirements​

Faster user acceptance​

Faster release of Beta to Production​


Product managers, designers, developers, and QA can rapidly submit their feedback and bugs. Reduce time-to- market while improving quality of the product.​

Receive More Feedbacks and Bugs​

No more back-and-forth communication ​

Fast and accurate bug triages and fixes​

Improved productivity by automating repeated tasks​

Reduced time-to-market​

Industry’s Only Enterprise Ready Solution​

Provide support tool with your own branding to your customers with our fully white-labeled solution

Extensible – integrate your own systems for custom diagnostics data

Extensible – integrate your own support tools like ServiceNow, Intercom, Zendesk, Wolken, and others.

Integrate into your websites / applications / IoT systems / CLI / CI/CD​

Meet stringent compliance requirements with self-hosting options


Helps the development and support team productivity ​

Actionable Issues

Save time by filling set of values predefined in templates into issue fields.
E.g. “Ship Blocker Bug”,
“Notifications Test Pass”

Auto-attached Diagnostics ​

Console logs
​Network logs
(cookies / localstorage / indexeddb)


Jira Service Management​
Azure DevOps (coming soon)​
GitHub Issues (coming soon)​


Browser Extensions
​PC / Mac apps
CI / CD Integrations (Jenkins)


Hosted on secure AWS Cloud with security gates built into every layer of the software.​

Enterprise Solution​

​Custom branding
​Self-host in your enterprise cloud​

Advanced analytics on issues​

Easily get analytics on where the issues are happening.
E.g. “Customer Issues where OS = Mac and Browser = Edge”​

Rich diagnostic view in Jira​

View diagnostic information in a rich view right within Jira. No need for code editors to view diagnostic details. ​

Click to capture screen

Double click to record screen

Visually explain the issue

Annotate the captured screenshot using annotation tool that explains the issue visually. Redpen’s annotation tools have a wide variety of tools to explain the issue meaningfully.

Report issues right from the extension

Easily connect and report new issues to issue management services from Redpen. The application will help in editing an existing issue as well.

Save time - prepopulate issue fields with templates

Use of template make reporting issues super fast with minimum inputs. Template prepopulates the fields by eliminating monotonous task to fill all fields everytime.

Automatically capture details to help developers fix the bug faster

Diagnostics information provides more details related to the bug helping the team in fixing the bug faster that in turn saves development and support costs.