Which browsers does Redpen support?

Redpen supports Chrome browser extension, and it is free to use.

Which project management tools does Redpen integrates?

Atlassian – Jira integrates with Redpen. Download and install the Redpen Jira add-on.

Is there a free trial of the Redpen Jira add-on?

Yes, you can try the Redpen Jira add-on for free for a limited period. Subscribe to a paid plan to continue using the add-on after the trial period. For more details related to pricing, visit here.

Is Redpen free?

Yes, you can use Redpen for free with limited features.

Can I have a single subscription to use Redpen across all my Jira sites?

No, you will have to purchase a new subscription for each Jira site you want to use with Redpen.

From where can I install the Redpen add-on?

You can install and subscribe to Redpen Jira-add on from Atlassian Marketplace.

Will I get a refund on my subscription in case I do not want to use Redpen anymore?

No. Atlassian bill organizations on a monthly pay-as-you-go. So when a new monthly billing cycle is triggered, you will be charged for the whole month. The subscription will be valid for the monthly billing cycle for which you have already paid even if you have canceled the subscription mid-month.

I am not an admin of my site. How do I integrate the Redpen Jira add-on?

Unfortunately, only the site admin will be able to install the add-on. You can request your admin to install the Redpen add-on on the site.

Can I use Redpen outside of my browser?

Our team is working hard to create a cross-platform solution with Desktop support. Keep an eye on this space for more updates.

Whom can I contact in case of further queries related to the product?

For additional queries, you can reach out to us at support@redpen.ai.