Value Proposition

Increase Efficiency
Increase Efficiency

Automate context gathering, rapidly capture bugs and quickly resolve them to increase feature velocity.

Boost Feature Velocity
Boost Feature Velocity

Streamline bug resolution with automated collection of user, device, and application context.

Improve Quality
Improve Quality

Centralized platform for capturing and reporting bugs for easier tracking, faster triage, and rapid fixes.

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Visually Explain Issues

Visually capture issues with screen recording and explain with annotation.

Capture screenshots or record interactive user experience with voice-over to provide additional details and feedback.

  • Eliminate ambiguous feedback using annotations
  • Protect sensitive information (PII) with built-in algorithms
  • Transcribe voice feedback to text

Automatically Capture Advanced Diagnostics

Collect advanced diagnostic information within your issue-tracking system

Capture comprehensive context with each ticket submission without any effort from the end user. 

  • Capture user, device, and application context
  • Enhanced bug understanding and streamlined troubleshooting
  • Extend diagnostics to include data from custom applications, networking equipment and system logs

Redpen Diagnostic Viewer

Redpen Diagnostic Viewer

Eliminate the need for code editors to view diagnostics.

  • Rich diagnostics right within the issue-tracking systems
  • JSON view of diagnostic information
  • View and filter network logs, console logs, cookies, local storage, IndexedDB

Seamless Integration With Your Issue Tracking Systems

Redpen integrates with Jira, Azure DevOps, and GitHub Issues

Seamlessly integrate with any issue-tracking system, including proprietary solutions.

  • Jira, Azure DevOps, GitHub Issues, HubSpot, and Slack
  • Open APIs for integration with proprietary issue-tracking systems
  • Rich view of diagnostics within your issue-tracking system or service desk

Auto-fill Templates

Detailed bug reporting with Redpen’s Auto-fill Templates

Templates to eliminate monotonous task of manually filling every field for every issue.

  • Prepopulate issue fields
  • Customizable per user
  • Available on all platforms

Customize and Personalize For Your Unique Needs

Redpen’s entire suit of customizations

Customize to match your company and application's branding.

  • Custom branding
  • Webhook integration
  • Mask personally identifiable information (PII)

Rapid Deployment

Easily get started with Redpen developer tools

Configure the connection to your issue tracking system, download browser extension(s) and/or desktop application(s), and invite your team to capture and file bugs.

  • Browser Extensions - Edge, Chrome, Safari
  • Desktop Applications - Mac, Windows
  • Integrate into CI/CD Pipeline

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