Redpen Widget - WordPress Plugin is released

We know you love to use WordPress plugins and we also know it helps and makes our life easy. So we are excited to announce our Redpen WordPress Plugin!

Collect feedback from the users

With Redpen Widget, it is now easy to collect feedback of your WordPress website directly to your favorite issues tracking services like Jira, Azure DevOps, Github Issues, and more.

Whether it is your development team, stakeholders, or website visitors, Redpen Widget allows your website users to submit their feedback.

Plugin features

  • Screenshots: Report visual issues that are actionable. Annotate and pinpoint issues anywhere on your web application and report meaningful visual issues.
  • Screen recording with voice comments: Add your voice comments to the issue while recording the screen and reduce time in explaining the issue with long descriptions or repro steps.
  • Browser diagnostics information: Get essential technical metadata attached to the issue such as OS details, browser and its version, screen size, etc.
  • Collect advanced browser metadata: Include cookies, console logs, network logs, local storage, indexed DB to the issue.
  • Issue tracking service integration: Connect to issue tracking services like Jira, Azure DevOps, GitHub to collect feedback directly into them.
  • and more…

How to add the Redpen Widget to a website?

  1. Open the Redpen Widget plugin.
  2. Add the Widget ID. Don’t know how to get the Redpen Widget Id? - Click here.
  3. Click Configure button and reload the website.
  4. Super… Redpen Widget is now live on your website!