Connect Redpen to GitHub

GitHub is a collaborative platform for software development, offering Git-based version control to track code changes. It includes bug tracking for efficient issue resolution, a feature request system for transparent enhancement discussions, and task management tools for organizing and visualizing project progress. GitHub's comprehensive features make it a vital hub for streamlined and effective teamwork in software development.

Redpen effortlessly integrates with GitHub, allowing you to:

  • Effortless Issue Creation: Send feedback directly from Redpen to GitHub as new issues, complete with annotated screenshots and videos.
  • Enhanced Diagnostics: Get detailed technical information automatically attached to your issues, minimizing troubleshooting time.

Connecting Redpen to GitHub: A Step-by-Step Guide

1. Navigate to the Integration panel or Service selection menu and select GitHub.

2. Specify the GitHub organization or user URL of your GitHub account to which you want to connect Redpen.

  • Add the GitHub organization or user URL and click on the Connect button.

3. Authorize your organization for integration.

  • Click the Grant button to grant authorization to your organization.

4. Click on the Authorize button to complete the process.

5. Verify the integration.

  • The organization will now be displayed as connected.

6. Click on the Done button.

Congratulations! 🎉 Your GitHub account is now successfully connected to Redpen