Session Replay

Are you interested in gaining precise insights into your users' interactions with your website or app? The Redpen session replay feature enables this by meticulously recording every user action, providing you with a distinctive perspective on the user experience. This valuable information allows you to comprehend issues, replicate them with accuracy, and swiftly address them, thereby minimizing both time and the need for extensive discussions.


  1. The service must be connected to the redpen.To know how to connect service, click here.
  2. The widget must be created in the connected service.To know how to create widget, click here.

Enabling Session Replay: A Step-by-Step Guide

1. Access Widget Settings.

  • Open the Redpen Web app and select Widgets from the profile icon dropdown.
  • Alternatively, go to My Team, click on the three-dot menu, and access the Widgets option.

2. Choose the specific widget you want to enable the Session Replay feature.

3. Go to Widget Configuration.

  • Access the Widget configuration by clicking on the Configuration Tab.

4. Activate the Session Replay feature.

  • Toggle on the Record User Sessions switch and click the Save button to enable session replay.

How does Session Replay Work?

When a user engages with the website by performing actions like navigating to different pages or interacting with links and buttons, these interactions are meticulously recorded.

When finished, click on the Feedback button.

Users can review the recorded session alongside the captured images or videos. In instances where users haven't taken screenshots or videos, only the recorded session will be visible.

Following this, users submit their feedback, including the recorded session.

Watching Session Replay

Each feedback that includes the session replay shows the HTML file of the session replay. You can download and open the HTML file to see the captured sessions.

Note: The user submitting the feedback has the option to delete the session replay file. If the file is deleted, the session replay won't be visible in the issue.

Session Player

In the session player, you can observe user interactions. Easily play, pause, and navigate through sessions, ensuring that no essential user interaction goes unnoticed.