Open Redpen Widget in Full Screen Mode

Redpen provides customers the options on how to display the feedback form to their end users. A minimized view that works in most situations or a maximized view when the form contains lots of information. The maximized view is designed to make it easier for users to interact with the information, increase readability and improve navigation when the form needs to accommodate a lot of information. It offers the following key differences from the minimized widget view.

  1. More screen space: Maximizing the widget form view increases screen space, allowing users to see more information and simultaneously interact with more elements of the application.
  2. Enhanced readability: The maximized view allows text and images to be displayed in a larger format.
  3. Navigation optimized for content: Maximizing the widget form view allows you to ensure that the user's experience and navigation can be optimized for the additional fields, toolbars, content, and other navigation elements.

Whether you choose the minimized view or maximized view, end users have access to all the features in Redpen - including the ability to annotate, copy, delete, and download the screenshot and video.

Customizing the widget view is a simple 6-step process:

Step 1. Click on the Avatar and go to the “Settings”

Step 2. Select the “Widget” option from the Redpen settings

Step 3. Click on the widget you have created

Step 4. Select the “Configuration” tab

Step 5. Turn on the toggle of the “Mode of opening a widget” option

Step 6. Save the changes by clicking on the “Save” button

You will now be able to open the widget in the maximized mode.

Note: You can easily open the widget in a sleek and convenient minimized mode by disabling the “Mode of Opening the widget” option.

Say goodbye to cluttered screens and hello to seamless navigation with our widget's versatile modes. Try it now and elevate your user experience to the next level!