Open Redpen Widget on Custom Events

Create a Redpen web widget following these instructions if you have not created one already.

Configure the Widget for Custom Event

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Select the Widgets option.
  3. Select the widget that you want to configure.
  4. Open the customizations tab.
  5. Switch on the “Open widget from Custom Button” option.
  6. Click Save to confirm your changes.

Open the Redpen widget on an event of your choice

You just need to call RedpenWidget.openWidget() to open the Redpen widget on your web page.

For example:

If you want to open it one a button click, you can pass RedpenWidget.openWidget() inside the onclick property of the button.


  <button class="container" onclick="RedpenWidget.openWidget()">Feedback</button>

You may also open it by calling RedpenWidget.openWidget(); inside a javascript function.


  function onFeedbackButtonClick() {

Open the Redpen widget from a hyperlink

You can also open the Redpen widget from a link using the href property of an anchor tag.

For example:


 <a href="#redpenWidget">Give Feedback</a>

Need help in setting up Redpen Widget on your website?? Chat with us for support.