One Click Capture Screenshot

Capture your webpage effortlessly with a single click using Redpen's One-Click Capture Screenshot feature. This streamlined functionality eliminates the need to navigate through various windows, tabs, or screens to capture the perfect shot of your webpage.

Simplifying the screenshot process within your Redpen widget, this feature ensures ease and convenience, allowing users to efficiently capture webpage snapshots with just a click.


  1. The service must be connected to the Redpen.To know how to connect services, click here.
  2. The widget must be created in the connected service.To know how to create widget, click here.

Enable One-Click Capture Screenshot Feature: Step-by-Step Guide

1. Access Widget Settings:

  • Open the Redpen Web app and select Widgets from the profile icon dropdown.
  • Alternatively, go to My Team, click on the three-dot menu, and access the Widgets option.

2. Choose the specific widget:

  • Select the Widget you want to enable the One-Click Capture Screenshot feature.

3. Go to Widget Customization.

  • Access the Widget Customization by clicking on the Customization tab.

4. Activate the One-Click Capture Screenshot Feature.

  • Toggle on the Capture a screenshot with a single click switch and then click the Save button to use the One-Click Capture screenshot feature.

Note: The screenshot feature is automatically enabled as a default setting.

How does the One-Click Capture Screenshot feature work?

1. Initiate the capturing process by clicking on the Feedback button.

2. Click on the Capture Screenshot button.

3. Unlike traditional methods, users won't encounter a dialog box prompting them to choose a specific window, tab, or screen.

4. Experience swift completion of the capturing process, typically within 2 or 3 seconds.

5. View the seamlessly captured screenshot directly within the Feedback interface.