Install Redpen Widget on a Wix website

Installing the Redpen Widget on a Wix website with simple steps.

To install the Redpen Widget you will need the widget script. Copy the widget script using one of the below options:

  • By creating a new widget: If you do not have any existing Redpen Widget created, follow the documentation to create the widget and get the widget script.
  • Copy from existing widget: Refer to this documentation to copy the widget script from an existing widget.

Once you have the widget script, follow the steps to install it on the Wix website.

1. Sign in to the Wix

2. Open the Site Actions and click on the Edit Site

3. Open the Settings menu and click on the My Dashboard

4. Select the Settings menu in the left navigation bar and then click on the Custom code

5. Click on the Add Code link to open the Add Custom Code popup

6. Paste the widget script in the code snippet

7. Click the Apply button and publish the changes

8. Reload the website to see the Redpen Widget on the website

Once the Redpen Widget script is added successfully to the website, you will see the Redpen Widget on the right side of your website.