PII Reduction

Redpen offers a robust PII Reduction feature designed to protect sensitive information within uploaded images. This functionality ensures that personally identifiable elements, such as names, faces, and IDs, remain blurred or anonymized, safeguarding user privacy and security.

Utilizing Redpen's PII Reduction feature enables you to resolve concerns without compromising the confidentiality of sensitive customer data, seamlessly submitting them for resolution through your ticketing system.

Benefits of PII Reduction

1. Elevated Privacy Protection:

Safeguards the privacy of users by guaranteeing the confidentiality of sensitive data within images shared or uploaded via Redpen.

2. Face Concealment Capability:

Facilitates the option to obscure human faces within images, allowing for secure transmission to the ticketing system for resolution.

3. Effortless Handling of Sensitive Customer Information:

Streamlines the process of creating issues while concealing sensitive customer information, seamlessly integrating with your ticketing system for enhanced data protection.

Hide Personal Identifiable Information: Step-By-Step Guide

1. Upload an image containing sensitive information, such as personal IDs or photos with identifiable faces.

2. Click on the PII Mask Personal Information button provided below the color palette.

The system will automatically detect identifiable details such as faces and will mask them.

Or the system will automatically detect and obscure identifiable details like full names and ID card numbers and mask them.